Stefan Andersson


Master of Laws trained on the bench (1984)

Attorney at Law/member of the Bar (1985)

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English


The office


Our office has been established in 1989 and has since rendered its services to clients in the metropolitan area and

Porvoo and Loviisa region.


Our foundation and goals


Our goal is to offer a broad scope of high quality legal services with reasonable pricing and adhering to the professional rules of ethics by the Finnish Bar Association. The foundation of all our operations is committing to the goals of the client, the client’s success and overall benefit. We aim to build long-term partnerships in satisfying the needs of our clientele.


Our aim is to settle disputes of our clients before they are submitted to the court. In most cases a resolution achieved through settlement serves best the overall benefit of the client and it may well save the continuance of

business and personal relations.


In Spain, the law firm operates as a partner of Fenno Ley Abogados S.L.


Our focuses are


- general commercial law - contract law - mergers and acquisitions, arrangements for change-of-generation in companies - litigation and arbitration - questions regarding acquiring, governing and assigning assets - labour law - property law - so-called notary matters (e.g. sales, gifts, last wills and testaments, prenuptial/marriage agreements, estate inventories, divisions of estate, and divisions of the property of spouses).






Fenno Ley Abogados S.L