Our goal is to offer a broad scope of high quality legal services with reasonable pricing and adhering to the professional rules of ethics by the Finnish Bar Association. The foundation of all our operations is committing to the goals of the client, the client’s success and overall benefit. We aim to build long-term partnerships in satisfying the needs of our clientele.


In order to maintain and guarantee the high quality of the services rendered we continually invest on further educating our personnel and maintaining a diverse network of co-operation partners.


Our established co-operation with many Finnish and foreign law firms and experts of different fields (e.g. taxation and environment, international commercial law) guarantees special expertise whenever needed and ensures additional resources to fulfil even the most demanding of legal assignments.


Our office has stable connections to law firms in all of the EU members as well as in Russia, Baltic Countries and many other countries. Therefore we are able to render our clients reliable and local legal expertise abroad.


As a small law firm by taking advantage of our wide network of co-operating partners in the interest of our clientele we are able to fulfil our clients’ needs with reasonable expenses and charges.


Our aim is to settle disputes of our clients before they are submitted to the court. In most cases a resolution achieved through settlement serves best the overall benefit of the client and it may well save the continuance of business and personal relations.


In Spain, the law firm operates as a partner of Fenno Ley Abogados S.L.